Kim Donaldson

Nailed it! Elizabeth with compassion, love & support, directly drew out what was majorly holding me back, (from Eons ago) still impacting me here & now. I cannot describe in words how huge this is for me on All levels. I am free to be All of me, free of old unconscious timeline restrictions, free now to fully share my gifts, my Love with the world. Elizabeth is a True gift/Lighthouse in our world of great change. Priceless Thank You!

Joshua Berndt

I absolutely love and respect EA! She is insightful and authentic worth her words and readings. She working so hard to help the beings of this dimension to awaken to their true and higher self’s if they want to do the work. Her guidance has been so helpful for me and words don’t explain the importance of her work. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Keep up the integrity this world lacks so much of.

Amy Dearlove

Elizabeth April- paving the way for our generation to step into who we truly are. A reality shifting awakening with every video. Thanks for all the light seed-planting you do and being brave enough to embrace this life and beyond fully with such grace and positivity. 

Kristina Aslan

She is accurately intuitive, warm-hearted, kind and funny! A great reminder to focus on what’s important in our expansion.

Janine Marie Solounias

Totally in tune aware star being. I haven’t had a session,but I’ve listened on youtube and from one aware star being to you,Elizabeth April is for real. PeaceLove&Light

Pamela Scott

Elizabeth April is real, raw and friggan amazing in all aspects! I resonate with her downloaded information and I’m constantly learning and expanding my awareness! I’m very grateful that I found her on YouTube! I joined her “How to be a psychic webinar” and it was absolutely mind blowing in the way it’s non traditional, simplistic and inspiring! Lots of love!

Allison Rollings

awesome energy! love being enlightened by her knowledge

Daniel D’Andrade

A great teacher, who shares her knowledge in a fun, uplifting and informative way.


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