How To Hack Your Reality

Today, I’m going to be talking all about how to hack your reality in three steps.

Throughout the Awakening process, we all tend to begin to understand what our reality consists of and if it’s really working for us anymore. Awakening is all about waking up and understanding the potential of life all around you. That’s what hacking your reality is really all about! It’s about waking up, utilizing your free will and understanding the power of choice. Essentially, making choices in every moment so that you can live the life that you want to live. 

We all need to be on the same page. To begin, we have to define Reality. I will let you know that all of my definitions are my own. You will not find this in the dictionary and that’s okay because it may not or it may resonate with you. So take everything with a grain of salt. 

My definition of Reality is all of our thoughts, reactions, actions, memories, and perceptions which create the way that we interact with life. That is our reality. Our reality is the life around us and essentially how we perceive that life around us. 

The Dreaded Dining Table

I want to give you an example I love to use because I tend to stub my toe quite often.So you take a table in the living room…without our reality, without perception, the truth of that table is the atomic compound. Now when we add our perception to it, it creates our reality. My perception of my own living room table is that it’s very painful. The reason why my perception of my table at home is painful is because at least once a week I will walk by the table (obviously ungrounded), and I will stub my toe on the table. When I look at that table in particular, yes, I see the atomic makeup of the table,  but then I also feel the pain in my feet from all of the times that I’ve stubbed my toe. The table alone is just the table. The table with our reality includes our perception and our experiences it. My reality of the table is “be careful and stay grounded when you’re walking around it”. 

That is a little introduction into how our perception and reality can really change and transform, but also hold us back in life. I always say; that the biggest misconception within this society is the fact that people believe that their reality is the truth. When in fact the truth is; without the perception. Our reality is the table with our perception, and hopefully that makes sense to all of you. 


Now I want to define Reality Hacking. Reality Hacking is understanding your reality and essentially changing it. That’s really what hacking anything is. Our mind is a computer program and we can hack it.  Another way to think about Reality is Programming. I like to view and look at our mind as a computer, and in a lot of ways it is. It’s one of the most advanced computers that we have here on this planet. Our mind is a database full of knowledge, experiences, actions, and reactions. Every time something new happens in life, we have a decision to make. We actually have many decisions to make in that moment. We’ve never experienced that before, it’s an open outcome…right? That’s where a lot of fear comes from. It’s that fear of the unknown. We get too  scared to experience new things as humans because our programming has never really dealt with that before.


If we are faced with making a decision that we have made before that had a favourable outcome, then our programming will tell us: “Hey, make that decision again and it will be GREAT!!” For example, every time I eat a chocolate bar (which I love), my programming releases dopamine and serotonin to say “this is a good thing”. When we continue to make the same decisions over and over and over again, we fire off the same neural pathways in our brain. We fire off the same electrical currents that we fire off in a computer. The more we fire off the same neural pathways, the more ingrained that pathway gets resulting in making it more difficult to make a different decision.  We are programming ourselves based on repetitive habit patterns. 

This can be a really positive thing and benefit our lives and likewise, it can also be a really negative thing and not benefit our lives either. When I’m faced with making the decision of eating that really beautiful organic salad, or eating that dopamine and serotonin infused chocolate bar… I am initially going to go for the chocolate bar my programming tells me that I get more joy out of it. Right? Not all of the decisions that we make within our reality and our programming are positive ones, and that’s okay. It’s okay to make decisions that aren’t benefiting us, but this is why hacking your reality is so important.

Why Reality Hacking is Important

So why? Why would we want to hack our own mind? Why would we want to hack our programming? Well, just like I mentioned with the table and the chocolate bar, every time I walk by that table, I have a fear based response of that’s going to be painful. That’s not really a great program to have in my mind. Anytime I’m around chocolate I get an attached response of, oh that’s going to be really good for me, and it may not be.

When we are in our reality, we are so ingrained in our own programming that we are just on autopilot in every moment. Making decisions without being consciously aware of them and in turn, we tend to always take the easy way out. I want to give you  a next level example of when I started hacking my own reality and how amazing that was. 

When I started to really tap into reality hacking and reprogramming my own reality, I got to this really cool point of being aware of ALL of the decisions moving through me as they were presented to me. To explain, I would be working away at my desk, and I would have this thought; “I am kind of thirsty and would LOVE a glass of water. I’m also a little hungry and could use a snack… Oh, but there is some heavy energy around, maybe I should burn some sage”. This is being aware of what my body needs in that moment which is half the battle. In the moment of those three feelings, I actually have four options. The last option is to ignore all of those feelings and do nothing, or do something completely different all together. There’s really an infinite amount of options in front of us at every moment. 

I got to this point in my own life where I was so aware of each one of these realities I would start to split my current reality into different parallel realities. Which means, I would be sitting at my desk,  all of a sudden I would see myself (when I say, see, it would be a version of myself in  a nonphysical way). get up out of my desk, walk over to the fridge, grab a glass of water, come back and sit down. Likewise, I would see myself get up, burn some sage, smudge myself, and come back to my desk and sit down. So I started to actually tap into all of these different parallel realities and literally seeing the outcome of different options and decisions that I would make within every moment of every day. This is the point that everyone could get to within their own reality hacking, but of course it takes some attunement. 

Here are the three steps to hacking your reality so that you can live your most ideal and attuned life possible: 

#1  Be aware of what your current reality consists of.  The number one thing in awakening in general is just being aware of yourself and your programming. In every single moment there are two things that are going on. One half of your current reality is your old pre-programming. The other half of what’s going on is this divine consciousness where you are connected to your intuition, higher self, and human self. In that moment there is no pre-programming. There is just you in the present moment, which is really beautiful. 

#2  Step number two is, ask yourself what you want. We tend to skip over the step of asking ourselves what we want. Usually because we automatically assume the next moment is what we want due to pre-programming habits. Be aware of your next move(s), and then put yourself into the present moment and really, truly ask yourself what you want. For example, you wake up every morning and you grab a cup of coffee. Before you wake up, I want you to check in with yourself and ask, what would I have done in my next step? Ah, well my next step of the morning routine is to wake up, brush my teeth, stretch, and grab a cup of coffee. Then I want you to ask yourself, is that really what I want? Do I really want coffee this morning or could I go for some tea instead? Do I really need to send that email to my boss right now or should I wait and send it in a different way?

#3  The third step in hacking your reality is following through in making conscious choices in that present moment based on what you want. I’m just going to put this into a full spectrum view. Let’s take the table example. In this moment, I can see this daunting table beside me and very I’m aware of it. In my reality, there is a possibility that I could get up, walk across the room and stub my toe. Second step to hacking your reality is asking yourself what you want. In this moment, I do not want to stub my toe and I want to protect my feet. That’s what I really want. Then in this moment make, a conscious choice based on what is or isn’t serving me. Making the choice to walk two feet away from the table rather than walking right beside the table will keep my toes protected and my day going smoothly.  

Now, let’s talk about hacking your reality on a bigger scale. You’ve done your work and you are aware of what your current reality consists of. You have family, kids, a job, some friends, and hobbies. That is all great. Now you are asking yourself what you really want. You’re looking at the things that you have and you’re saying, “you know what? I want a life that is more stress-free. I want a life where I can take off a week and be okay with that. I want a life that’s more financially abundant.” You’re looking at your life objectively, you’re asking yourself what you want, and then you have to ask yourself if there’s any difference between what your reality consists of and what you want in life. 

If you say “I want more freedom, I want less stress, and I want more financial abundance.” Then you take a look at your current life and you’re like, “oh wow. Well, you know, I’m always lacking on finances. I’m always feeling stressed out with work, and because of that, I’m not living as free as possible with my family.” So you’re looking at what you have, you’re looking at what you want, and you realize that those two things don’t add up. 

That leads us to the third and final step of hacking your reality, which is making conscious choices in the present moment. What is and isn’t serving you. If you take a look at your job and you understand that to be the feature of your life that is not serving you, then what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to hang onto the job because of your old programming? Because in the past it was better than the job before it and it gave you what you needed? Or are you going to choose to make a different decision and say, “you know what, I deserve more and I need more if I want to live the life that I deserve to live.” 

The worst thing is that all of us convince ourselves to not ask for anything more, or be greedy, or Why push ourselves? It’s this convincing ourselves of complacency. 

Get What YOU Deserve

Just know that you deserve something more and all you have to do is ask for it. But you have to know what you want before you ask for anything. Essentially, before you change your life you have to be aware of your current reality. You need to take the action steps and make conscious choices in the moment to override the pre-programming. This is how you hack your reality. This is how you live the life that you’ve always wanted to live. It is not up to anyone else other than yourself. You are the only one in control of the life that you are living. 

I want you all to just stop what you’re doing right now. I want you to take yourself three moves ahead of yourself. Maybe you’re on the bus headed home from work, maybe you’re at work, maybe you’re at home, maybe it’s the weekend. But stop what you’re doing right now and ask yourself what you will be doing three moves from now, and then I want you to ask yourself if that really serves you.

It’s time for all of us to take our power back, and reprogram our own reality and to truly start living the life that we deserve to live. 

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