I am still in awe at the amazing session I had with Elizabeth. She was 'right on' in all areas addressed. I felt a great deal of synchronicity with her past life reviews. They were not out in left field and in fact we're very much what I had guessed myself. It was confirming and validating in all aspects. She provided homework which I have been doing and I must say that this is the most empowering part as it revealed many unknown sources of frustration in my life. I am still on a high' from my session and would strongly recommend it. Approach it with an open heart and a willingness to learn and be guided rather than an experience to prove she was correct. She is highly attuned and intuitive. Enjoy the session as it will open doors and lead to growth. 

Thank you so much again for a wonderful session. 

Jocelyne Chernets, Chatham, Canada